Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beauty Tip Tuesday & Big Announcement!

So I have some good news and some bad news...

How about the bad news first so that I can make you happy again with the good news?!

"That's Wild!" is going to be closing probably by the end of the week. (I did that quickly like ripping off a bandaid!)

 BUT (here comes the good news) you can find a lot of great posts from me on our new Wild 104 website! That includes Beauty Tip Tuesday!

ALSO, please, please, please follow my personal blog This site will be full of DIY projects, fitness, fashion, beauty and living frugal tips! It is also linked to my YouTube channel where you can see videos and tutorials with me using my favorite beauty products and demonstrations of the latest trends in fitness and fashion!

Now I know today is Beauty Tip Tuesday so I want to take a look back at some of my favorite BTT posts. Check these out:

Thank you to all of my loyal readers and I hope to see you all over at!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Fuller Lashes

Hey Beauties! I hope you all found my false lashes post helpful! Last time I taught you all an easier way to apply false lashes. This week is for those of us who just don't have the patience for false lashes but want a fuller, more voluminous look!

Begin by curling your lashes. What I like to do is clamp my lashes with my eyelash curler and squeeze down 5 times. This always makes my lashes look sky high!

Next, dust some loose powder over your lashes before applying mascara. This will adhere to your lashes making them look full and thick!

Last, apply 2 coats of mascara. Starting at your lash line, lightly "wiggle" your wand toward the end of your lashes!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave your tips for fuller lashes in the comments below!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I know I sure did. I enjoyed some quality family time and caught up with some of my friends from high school. It's always nice to get together and reminisce about the things we did when we were younger! I think the one thing I learned this weekend is how important it is to make time for the important people in your life.

I just wanted to start this week off with some positivity and motivation. Take this quote below and live by it all week...and all your life if you dare to be so successful! lol You can't feel guilty about playing hard if you know you've worked hard to earn it! Have a great week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fitspiration: It's not gonna happen overnight...

I know I've told my story before but let me briefly explain what I've been tying to accomplish. I have been working out for the last year and a half or more trying to get fit! Notice I used the term "fit" and not "skinny". I'm not on a 12 week eating plan or one of those DVDs you do for a month. I'm definitely not knocking people who do these things because I have tried them myself. Especially the DVD's. There's nothing wrong with DVD's! The only thing that would be wrong is if you expected to keep the weight off after those 30 days or 90 days without putting in any effort...then you'll have a problem.

The point I want to get across today is that becoming fit doesn't happen overnight. Everyone always asks me "Kiesha, what do you do in the gym?" "Kiesha, I wish I could do what you do.". I reply with my workout routine and tell them "You CAN do what I do". The truth is that they just don't want to put in the effort!

Being fit and healthy is a whole lifestyle change! It's something you do for LIFE. My "trainer" knew that I wanted to lose 20lbs and wanted to feel comfortable with my body. He would say to me "You didn't put on that 20lbs overnight so don't expect to lose it overnight." How true is that?! Also, one of my absolute favorite quotes is "Don't be angry with the results you did not get from the work you did not do!".

I hope this post helped some of you today! Remember to keep pushing yourself! TRUST ME, one day you will look in the mirror and be very happy with what you see and you'll wonder "Woah! When did this happen?!"