Monday, June 4, 2012

Money Saving Quick Tip: Sleep On It!

Are you a shopaholic? Do you often suffer from buyers remorse? Well, I am and I do. I loooove shopping as much as the next girl but I hate to see my bank account suffer as a result. I recently decided to start taking control of my spending. I would go on a bit of a shopping binge just because I was bored then  after I would feel bad about the money I spent. If you ave ever felt the same way try this:

If you want to make a purchase, sleep on it! Try to cut back on impulse spending. You might think you need those new pair of shoes or the newest Essie Polish shade but give it some thought. 

When you feel like making a purchase, think about it for about a week or at least a couple of days. Do you still want it after those days are up? Chances are you won't! 

This is a little trick that has helped both myself and my bank account a lot! Give it a try and give your bank account a little break :-) 

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