Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Need a good laugh?

I don't know about you but I am DRAGGING this week! I've been taking some new fitness classes and I just feel drained. A good laugh always gives me a boost of energy so I thought I'd share some funny videos with you. I love when Ellen Degeneres scares people. It's hilarious! Check it out...


  1. LOVE that Taylor Swift video. I could watch that 100 times and still laugh. It's hilarious.

    Just curious, did you have trouble installing commentluv?? Hope you got the gift card I sent. :)

  2. Same here! lol never gets old! I did receive the gift card. Thank you so much again! I'm actually in the process of moving my blog over to wordpress and thats where I want to use commentluv do you have any tips for installing it on wordpress?

  3. Oh awesome! You'll love wordpress. I'm so glad I made the move myself. :)

    Installing commentluv on wordpress is very easy. You just follow the tutorials given to you. They are great and walk you through the process step by step :). I had no problems.