Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hollywood Headlines

There's so much going on in the entertainment world! Reality show eliminations, pranks, and babies!

Martina Navratilova and her partner, Toni Dovolani, were sent home on Dancing with the Stars.

Khloe Kardashian has quit PETA after Kim Kardashion was flour bombed!

Hilary Duff adjusting to motherhood tweets “4 am … Sleepy eyed. Feeding baby … whew this job is no joke!”

Justin Bieber could be facing legal action as a result of a Twitter prank gone wrong. He tweeted a phone number with the last digit missing with a message: "Call me now". Two Texas residents were bombarded with over 1,000 calls from Bieber Lovers. The Texas residents are seeking compensation for the problems they faced as a result of his prank.

Dennis Rodman is reportedly broke and "extremely sick" claiming that he is unable to pay back child support and spousal support payments.

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