Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to The Biebs!!

Justin Bieber turns 18 years old today! It's like we have literally watched him grow up right in front of our eyes! I've been a fan of him since he first debuted and have been a dedicated fan ever since. That picture above is from my birthday party last summer, my mom thought it would be funny to surprise me and I thought it was hilarious and loved it! Some may say I'm too old to have Bieber Fever but I say "whatevs!" he's cute as a button and extremely talented! I may not want to date him as all the teeny boppers do but I think he is adorable and I really admire his talent and how far he has come! If you are not convinced of his awesomeness then perhaps you should take some time to sit down and watch his movie, Never Say Never! This film documents how far he has come!

In honor of The Biebs' 18th birthday, here are 18 random facts about him followed by some of my favorite Bieber videos! You're welcome...

  1. His middle name is Drew
  2. His EP, My World, went platinum 3 months after he released it
  3. His favorite candy is Sour Patch kids
  4. Justin plays the drums, trumpet, guitar and piano...all self taught
  5. He gets about 60 Twitter mentions per second
  6. Raised in Stratford, Ontario
  7. Justin was discovered in 2008 on YouTube
  8. He's a Pisces
  9. He's afraid of clowns
  10. His favorite color is purple (mine too!)
  11. His celebrity crush is Beyonce'
  12. Speaks french fluently
  13. He dates Selena Gomez
  14. He is left handed
  15. His favorite number is 6
  16. He has a dog named Sam
  17. His first Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200
  18. Justin is signed to Island Def Jam
A couple of my favorites...

Happy Birthday J.Biebs!!

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