Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Sock Bun

Chic buns are really in style this season! My hair is about medium length and not very thick so I haven't been able to acheive the look.  So, if you have hair like mine or if you just want a better look to your bun, try this:

For the Bun Maker:

  • Grab a sock (preferably one that is mismatched or one with holes like mine)
  • Cut off the toe of the sock
  • Roll sock into a donut shape

Creating your bun:

  • Put hair in a ponytail
  • Pull ponytail through your bun maker and wrap your ends around it
  • Slowly roll the bun maker towards your head, spreading your hair to cover the bun maker as you go
  • Tuck in any loose strand and make sure you bun maker is not showing!
  • Tip: I used a white sock but for darker hair it's usually better to use a darker colored sock so it is less noticeable if you have any slip ups!
These bun makers can be bought in stores but this route is much more budget friendly! :-)

You can adjust the size of your bun by choosing different sized socks!

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