Monday, April 2, 2012

Louie's Losers

Broome County has received the un-enviable distinction of being the second most obese area in the country, and we’re not happy about it!  Have you been looking to make a change, but haven’t been able to on your own? Wild 104 and Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield want to help.  Take the first step and go to, or Facebook to join LOUIE’S LOSERS.  We want to assemble a group of people who all want to take steps to a healthier lifestyle, and use each other for inspiration.  LOUIE’S LOSERS will be where we can share healthy ideas, and send out invites to fun events that get us all more active.  So let’s get started.  Join LOUIE’S LOSERS Facebook group by going to, or searching for Louie’s Losers on Facebook.


  1. Let's completely END THE TREND of obesity! I am a local BeachBody coach dedicated to help you choose your workout program and see you through your goals. Whatever you choose...whether it be P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam...or throw in some Shakeology...Decide. Commit. Succeed. LET'S DO THIS!!

  2. Everyone needs to see where we are. We eat till we can't eat nomore. This has to stop for good. I hope we can encourage everyone to do the same. Have fun loosing weight with all of us Doreen. Keep smiling!!!