Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Louboutin Inspired Nails!


Hey Hey!! I'm super excited about this nail design. You can do this look with any colors that you'd like but I was excited to make my nails looks like little Louboutin shoes!


This is very easy to do but it's a bit messy! Turn your hand over and paint the insides of your nails red first. Do not layer on too heavily or you will end up with little messy puddles under your nails! Next, paint the tops of your nails as you usually would with the black polish and finish with a clear top coat.


You can clean any mistakes under your nails by dipping a q-tip in polish remover. I also found it helpful to peel the excess polish off while running my hands under warm water once my nails were dry.

I hope you enjoy this nail design! Check back every Tuesday for new beauty tips!

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